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Pell Grant

Before you get too excited about receiving a Pell Grant, you must be aware that you have to become eligible to get one first, and to do so you must take into account the various Pell Grant eligibility requirements. These requirements are fairly straight-forward, and you first must realize that they can be broken down […]


One Pell Grant FAQ that is commonly asked by students is how the Pell Grant has changed for the current school year, and in actuality this is a relevant question due to the fact that the actual Pell Grant amounts, and other miscellaneous regulations are always evolving on a year-to-year basis. The Pell Grant has […]


Before you go ahead and start planning on receiving any sort of Pell Grant aid for the upcoming school year, it is actually a very good idea to quickly go over the following Pell Grant faq so that you can gain some clarification on any unresolved questions you may have about the Pell Grant. The […]

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