The Pell Grant isĀ  perhaps one of the best kinds of financial aid to receive due to the fact that it doesn’t have to be paid back unlike a student loan, and because it can pay for a significant portion of your college expenses on an annual basis. That being said, most students don’t fully understand how they should go about becoming eligible for the grant, and most don’t realize how they should apply each year. This isn’t only applicable to students, as parents also aren’t always aware of the intricacies of getting approved for this award.

Both students and parents typically have a number of common questions that have to do with the Pell Grant that result from this confusion, and absence of clarity. Pellgrantfaq.com was created to provide a central resource that could answer these questions, and at the same time hopefully provide information about the Pell Grant that could clear up any leftover perturbation. We hope to make Pellgrantfaq.com a resource that can cover the Pell Grant from virtually all angles, and in time we aim to provide articles and other assets that can accomplish just that, so stay tuned!

-Phillip Guthrie

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